#130 – High Highs

I am going to start by saying that I owe this post entirely to The Guardian’s New Band of the Day. Their eleven hundredth and twenty sixth act is High Highs, a Brooklyn-based Aussie band. I could write something original, or I could direct you towards something that somebody else has written. Guess what I’m about to do… Go read their thoughts.

My point is something different to that which Paul Lester is making. Who would have thought that music as delicate and, dare I say it, “grown up”, would have been the next big thing for Oli Chang. I am in no way saying that he doesn’t deserve/isn’t capable of making dreamy, effervescent music like this. I just found it odd, considering the last song I heard with his name attached to it was ‘Are You That Woman’, his hilarious take on an 80’s dating video montage. Anyway, it was a point that I thought was entertaining enough to put up. Especially as earlier this week two friends (sorry, looks like I’m gloating there, doesn’t it!) posted the videos on my wall; one put up the original, the other Oli Chang’s remix. I’ve put up the Soundcloud link from The Guardian’s page, as well as the old Oli Chang stuff. See if you can make the link.

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