12 Days Of Christmas – 29th December

After yesterday’s song by The Black Keys and the good reception it’s had, I thought I’d keep things similar. The Calimocho Club are a two man garage/blues rock duo from Salford. They make an absolute racket, and from what I hear their live shows are something to be seen. I spoke to guitarist/singer Gary L Hope about one gig they played…

“We once unwittingly played a show in an establishment ran by militants. All had The Red Hand of Ulster stitched into their jackets – now there’s an argument that says this symbol has been misappropriated, but in this case…you’ve seen the scene in The Blues Brothers where they play behind chicken-wire fencing? Yeah, like that.”

If that doesn’t sound like a band you want to see and listen to, then frankly I don’t know what else to give you. Below we’ve got ‘War Machine’ for you to listen to from their EP Whoa Whoa, Hey Hey, which they released earlier this year. It’s a stream-only and if you want to own the songs then head over to their Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to the entire thing.

The Calimocho Club – War Machine [Buy]


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3 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas – 29th December

  1. Will do – Don’t worry about it, I imagine you get a shedload of tunes thrown your way on a daily basis, nevermind the stuff you all find that you wanna post about too – appreciated 🙂

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