12 Days Of Christmas – New Year’s Eve

It is that time of the year again. You’ll spend way too much money on getting in to a club/bar/pub/whatever only to be ripped off for drinks and listen to music you don’t like with a bunch of douchebags bumping in to you. Yup, New Year’s Eve. If you’re thinking I don’t like it, you’d actually be wrong. I’ve had some cracking NYE’s and tonight should be as good as any. But before I go out, I’ll be listening to today’s song. It’s from Australian dance duo Bag Raiders and they released this all the way back in 2009. The hook sounds like it was played on one of those mini Casio keyboards (I mean the really mini ones!) and it’s infectiously good. Cue crappy dancing and spilling drinks everywhere…

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars [Buy]

What with it being New Year’s Eve, I figured it was as good an opportunity as any to throw in a two-for-one. It’s another song that you should listen to tonight. The hook is as euphoric as anything I’ve heard this year and there’s a reason it’s been making the top ten of 2011’s ‘Best Of’ lists all over the internet. Play this loud and as close to midnight as possible, it’ll have you feeling good until the hangover kicks in tomorrow.

M83 – Midnight City [Buy]

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