12 Days Of Christmas – Happy New Year

Here we are. Welcome to Twenty-Twelve (that’s going to get on my tit), year of the Olympics, Euros and probably the year the world will end. Until the Armageddon arrives, we will strive to put good songs and other bits of light entertainment for you to listen to. Starting as we mean to go on, here’s a good song…

It’s from French DJ duo Cassius, who rub shoulders with Etienne De Crecy, MC Solaar and Daft Punk. It’s quite the group of peers and this song is cracking example of why they have been at the forefront of the French house scene for over a decade. So, if you’re not too hungover then listen to this. If you are, download if for later.

Cassius – I Love You So [Buy]


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2 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas – Happy New Year

  1. Wilbur

    Don’t forget to mention how Kanye, Jay Z and Mr Hudson ‘borrowed’ it off wholesale..


    • This song passed me by completely! And what ever happened to Mr Hudson?! Kanye came knocking and he just buggered off. I’m not saying I’d do any different, but still…

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