12 Days Of Christmas – 2nd January

Alright there, how’s it going? Only four more days left of this little feature before we have to move on and write some proper bits. Before that happen, have a little snippet and a song to help you steel yourself for the end of the holidays. This is a song from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a film I watched for maybe the thirtieth time over Christmas. Not only is the film boss, but the music is great. It was written by one of my stable favourites, Metric. I love their mix of quite dark production and Emily Haines’ very feminine vocals. You get both of these things on the song underneath, with a little more kitsch to it. Apparently all of the actors learned to play their instruments (well enough to perform this song, anyway). How’s that for something you didn’t know/care about?!

Anyway, the song is ‘Black Sheep’ by The Clash At Demonhead, and the bass player Todd was Ramona Flowers’ third evil ex.

The Clash At Demonhead – Black Sheep

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