#131 – Purity Ring

I rather like Purity Ring. They tick an awful lot of my boxes: dreamy, hip-hop influenced, female vocal pop. What more could a modern metrosexual ask for? They released the Ungirthed 7″ around this time last year to much acclaim and followed it up in October with a split 7″ (shared with Braids, on Fat Possum) that feature their song Belispeak. It’s choppy and ever so slightly sinister while maintaining enough of a pop direction to make it very ear friendly. Megan James’ vocals on all of their songs, although very produced, have an innocent quality to them. They’re a group I’m really looking forward to hearing more from over the next couple of months and if they head my way (no tour dates up at the moment) then I’ll be sure to have tickets. If you’ve seen them live already I’d love to hear what you made of them.

If you like the songs be sure to visit their website at thepurityring.tumblr.com

Purity Ring -Belispeak

Purity Ring -Lofticries

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