12 Days Of Christmas – 5th December

Well, it’s finally the end of Christmas. Or maybe tomorrow is. I honestly couldn’t care less, if I’m being honest with you. This does give me the opportunity to post one final song in this feature though. Sleigh Bells, one of the multitude of good bands to have come out of Brooklyn over the past five years or so, are releasing a new album in February. It is going to be called Reign Of Terror and judging by the hype this song kicked up when it was released at the start of December people are looking forward to it. I know I am. Here’s hoping they tour the UK soon or somebody pays for me to go out and see them in Florida (I’d like that please, wealthy benefactor).

Anyway, I hope the holidays treated you well and here’s to a good year.

Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose


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2 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas – 5th December

  1. Elissa

    Great songs -thanks for posting!

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