#132 – Happy Birrrrthday

Yup, that guy up there is hilarious. And at the end of tonight I’d expect my little brother to be in a similarly compromising position. It is, as the title suggests, his birthday. It’s also his twin sister’s birthday (funny that, them being twins) so I thought I’d put up a song that each of them likes. To start with, my sister. We were talking about songs that remind us of family holidays and for some reason we ended up talking about Craig David. Yup, that Craig David. So here’s one of the songs we were talking about.

Craig David – Eenie Meenie [Buy]

That’s my sisters song done. My brother is a less classy guy. To put it simply he likes beer and boobs.* So here’s a song from a show that is fuelled by these two things. Enter Eastbound and Down, featuring a certain Kenny ‘Fucking’ Powers. This song appears on the show, which makes it more than good enough to appear on this blog.

Ram Jam – Black Betty [Buy]

Happy birthday to the two of you.


*He also enjoys walks along the beach, gourmet cooking and giving massages. In case anybody with two X chromosones is interested.

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