#133 – Regal Safari’s ‘Lake’

Regal Safari - R G L S F R

Regal Safari are a Brighton-based trio who make pretty, atmospheric electronic music. The song ‘Lake’ starts with a slow build before a garage-influenced handclap beat comes in and vocals that recall what Burial does, distorting, twisting and generally fiddling so that they don’t have a meaning but instead give the track a mood.

Egyptian Hip Hop, the Mancunian alt-poppers, have taken it upon themselves to remix the song and I reckon they’ve done a pretty good job. The song has taken on a ‘Math-y’ element, with the sample pushing the track forward the whole time. The vocal sample has been changed, although it’s still noises, not words. If I’m to be completely honest, I prefer the remixed version. Regal Safari’s original is lacking something for me, although some of the other songs on the 2011 EP       R G L S F R are really good (I particularly like ‘Light’ and ‘Only’). The released it in July of last year and you can pick it up for a fiver from their Bandcamp page.

Regal Safari – Lake [Buy]

Regal Safari – Lake (Egyptian Hip Hop Remix)

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