#135 – Lucy Rose ‘Red Face’

Hello all. As many of you may know, and perhaps many may not, there is a wonderful talent out there by the name of Lucy Rose. She first caught my ear doing backing vocals on Bombay Bicycle Club’s A Different Kind Of Fix (although she apparently helped a little on Flaws too) and I was intrigued. Having heard the radio DJ say her name, I promptly forgot it until this popped up on my Twitter feed. It’s just come out and it’s a wonderful pop record. If you’re a fan of Laura Marling, Feist and others of that ilk then you will most definitely like it, although Lucy Rose brings something new to the table. Whereas Marling is often praised for sounding wise beyond her years, Rose seems perfectly happy to enjoy being young.

Lucy Rose – Red Face [Buy from iTunes]

As well as her new single, this is an opportunity to put up an older one and one of its remixes. The song is ‘Middle Of The Bed’ and the remix is by BBC’s Jack Steadman. He’s been making waves as a solo artist alongside the band and this remix is a pretty good example of the sound he seems to have been working on. (He released the song under the name ‘Cheating’, and that’s how I know it, so that’s why it’s got a different name to the original below.) I also believe – although it’s possible I’m wrong – that he produced the song. Anyway, as well as the new single you get to listen to two other tracks. It’ll be ten minutes well spent.

Lucy Rose – Middle Of The Bed [Buy]

Jack Steadmand – Cheating [Buy]


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3 responses to “#135 – Lucy Rose ‘Red Face’

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  3. James

    Just cannot get enough of this song. That synth bit is like a surge towards a drop that never comes. Lucy Rose, you are AMAZING!!

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