#138 – ‘Somebody I Used To Know’

Have you seen this yet?! I remember seeing that somebody had covered Gotye’s original the other day and thinking to myself ‘better check that out’, before not doing so. I remembered to today and am I glad I did. Not only does the singing do the song justice (although it does take two people to match Gotye’s range!) but the performance is out of this world awesome. Enough words now. Watch the video and below the drop find the link to buy the cover version. Thank you Walk Off The Earth and Sarah Blackwood, you have made my day.

Walk Off The Earth – Somebody I Used To Know [Buy]

If you want to find out more about Walk Off The Earth or Sarah Blackwood’s band The Creepshow, then click on their hyperlinked names.

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One response to “#138 – ‘Somebody I Used To Know’

  1. Peter W

    I found another cover version that’s a mash up with “Can’t Buy Me Love,” but only one person on a guitar 😦

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