#141 – Nothing New, All Good

It’s all in the title for today’s tidbits. It’s a Monday, which means there are some new albums out. Of particular note is the Tribes debut album Baby on Island Records. We wrote about them a while ago (here) and if you like them then go buy the album (here). I’ll be picking it up after work tomorrow, so if it’s up to much there will probably some words written up here.

As I said, though, today isn’t about new songs. Here are three ‘golden oldies’. One from 1967, one from 1970 and one from 1993. So, in chronological order, here they are.

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth [Buy]

A quiet, low key verse with one of the more famous choruses I can think of. In spite of being a song about not being allowed to party late (that’s true, by the way!), it’s become an iconic protest song. This is a must-have in your record collection.

The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow [Buy]

From their 1970 album Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, I know this song thanks to the Wes Anderson film The Darjeeling Limited. It’s the film that made me want to go to India, which I was lucky enough to do last summer with our very own Stig Baasvik. A great film, a superb song and it’s got memories of an incredible trip.

Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray [Buy]

This may not be Naughty By Nature’s most famous song (O.P.P probably takes that title) but it did get to #8 in the US Pop chart back in 1993. It’s easy to hear why, too. It’s got a groovy beat and an infectious chorus that you would want to hear at a house party. The song is about little more than them liking music and ladies, but there are any songs about more meaningful stuff that are nowhere near as good as this.

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