#144 – Let’s Make Lemonade

Today it’s the turn of Seattle-based, electro/soul duo Fly Moon Royalty to grace our pages. Although that could be me being a little big-headed… AdraBoo and Action Jackson have been making music together for about two years and they seem to have crafted something polished, delightfully pop-y and really, really listenable. The new  album Fly Moon Royalty is out on February 6th on Sportn’ Life, a local label. Their sound is a mash of funk, soul and electro in the vein of Gnarles Barkley (an obvious comparison, but no less valid because of that), Janelle Monaé and, to my humble ear, a hint of Robyn.

‘Lemonade’ is a slice of  summery pop that recalls the piano driven stylings of Aloe Blacc’s ‘I Need A Dollar’, while ‘Android Love’ is the song that reminds me of Robyn. Like I said, their debut is out in a week or two so if you like these two samples then be sure to look them up again and get down to see them live.

Fly Moon Royalty – Lemonade

Fly Moon Royalty – Android Love

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