#146 – Ben Leftwich’s ‘Pictures’ Gets Remixed

I would not put myself on record as being a massive fan of Dubstep. But that’s probably not fair, as it’s not all ‘quiet bit, quiet bit, quiet bit, pause…… DROP’ (kind of like this). I suppose the following is probably a Dubstep remix, but I like it. It’s from the up-and-coming Benjamin Francis Leftwich, who has been making waves of late and who looks like making it big this year. I’ve heard a fair bit of his stuff, and on the strength of his original stuff he deserves too. And if he’s going to get more songs remixed like the one below, then surely the next logical step is superstardom. It’s laid back, soaring stuff from a quality Welsh producer called GZUS. I don’t know an awful lot about him, only that he’s also worth checking out, especially if you’re more of a dub-head than I am.

As well as this remix, Mr Leftwich is also gearing up for a new tour that will be taking him over to the States, so if you live that side of the pond and you like what you hear you’ll be able to see him soon. For more info on dates go to his website. Also, it’s a free track and you can download it from his Soundcloud. Just click on the title. If you’re interested in his album, Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm, then pick it up from here.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (GZUS Remix)

As  this remix is so good, it makes sense to listen to a little more GZUS. This is his version of Ray J’s ‘One Wish’ (famously sampled by Burial) and it’s sick. The Two-Step vibe is absolutely awesome.

GZUS – Missing You [Mediafire Link]

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