#154 – Poliça

I heard this song on the radio this day and thought it sounded good enough on the crappy little thing to warrant Googling. Christ, was I right! It’s by Poliça, a relatively new band from Minneapolis who’s debut album Give You The Ghost is just about to come out in the States. It’s a four piece with a pedigree, featuring Gayngs frontman Ryan Olson as well as Marijuana Deathsquads’ drummer Ben Ivascu. The vocals are provided by Channy Casselle, who used to be in Roma di Luna. Enough about them though, because that’s all stuff you can read elsewhere.

The important thing is that they make some good music. The song from the video up top is insanely good… All swirling drums and understated bass with Casselle’s heavily autotuned vocals. I can’t get enough of it. The video is also sick. A great song, a good looking girl and a bass guitar that pops in and out of shot. Sign me up for more of this please.

Poliça – Lay Your Cards Out

Poliça – Dark Star


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2 responses to “#154 – Poliça

  1. verrrrry good music! they are amazing. i love lay your cards out. and it features mike noyce from bon iver so thats great too!!

    • That they are! At the Grammy’s Justin Vernon said they’re his new favourite band… They’re getting some serious Bon Iver love

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