#156 – Belleruche Told Me To

Belleruche live… unbelievable. The Jazz Café in Camden is always a great venue but it takes someone truly special to get the crowd going to the extent that they did. Great songs, great vibe and a fantastic performance made for a really unforgettable evening. I’ll be buying the new album as soon as it comes out in March and I’ll most definitely be seeing them when there UK tour makes it down to Scala on the 31st of May. I liked them so much that I asked them to send over a few songs that they like (because it’s not all about me) and this is what they sent.

Curley Moore – Don’t Pity Me (DJ Modest’s selection)

A blistering 3 minutes of New Orleans filthy soul music. A heavy arrangement and staggering slow and deep drums bring together the swamp rumble under Curley Moore gritty melodic vocal, which hits exactly the right balance between plaintive and ambitious. The sound of this record is only possible due to the compression that would have gone on in the (probably limited) studio, before squeezing it further to get it as loud and as biting as possible on a juke box 7″. The medium becomes the part of the sound, as with so many recordings from that period. An mp3 doesn’t do this justice! Buy a vinyl copy, play it loud and see what shakes in your house.

Grieves – Bloody Poetry (Kathrin deBoer’s selection)

I first heard of Grieves last year, he was supporting labelmates Brother Ali and Atmosphere at the Electric Ballroom here in London.
There are two essential connections for me to his music.  I really enjoy his stories, he’s a clever and insightful lyricist, scratch the surface and you find something else you weren’t expecting.  And Budos’ production is tight, subtle, playful but essentially tough and full.  During their show he’s switching between keys, horns, mic… I’ve always found that seeing and hearing a live performance with all its energy adds to the CD listening for a good time after, it kind of completes the listening experience.

Lorn – Cherry Moon (Ricky Fabulous’s selection)

Reminds me of eighties films I watched when I was younger. Feels like the bit just before the things start winding up where the main character’s feeling hopeful. Has an ambiguous feel to it which I always like in a song. Doesn’t feel happy or sad, somewhere between twee and unusual. Like something you’ve heard or felt before before but not sure where or quite how you feel. There’s something very charming in the innocence of the song.


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