#159 – Luke De-Sciscio

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, but we get loads of music through email. We enjoy listening to (most) of it, but this one has stood out more than most. Luke De-Sciscio hails from Bath and describes himself as modern-day troubadour. He certainly does sing about heartbreak and love in all of its various guises. He does so with a voice that recalls Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, Anthony Hegarty and Jason Mraz among others. If you are a fan of any of these guys, then he’s well worth five minutes of your time.

His music has a cinematic quality to it that wouldn’t feel out of place on a montage at the end of a Hollywood romance. Here are a few songs to wrap your ears ’round, and if you like it then he would probably like it if you headed over to his website or Twitter.

Luke De-Sciscio – Happy New Year

Luke De-Sciscio – I Don’t Want To Be Free

Luke De-Sciscio with Audrey Aroha- I Could Not Feel More Than I Do Now


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4 responses to “#159 – Luke De-Sciscio

  1. Simon Lawhouse

    Yes. I could not love this more. Each song you included is perfect. More from him please. MUCH MORE.

    • Happy you enjoyed them… I can only take the credit for putting them together though. Luke’s a proper songwriter, we’re hoping to hear big things from him soon. Make sure he feels this love

  2. Rita R

    Luke brought me here, i have loved his music ever since I found a video of him covering an Adele song over a year ago. So good to see things going from strength to strength with him. I know the world can expect great things from this young man and I LOVE the fact that people are beginning to open their eyes to his talent.

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