Music For Horses no. 25

Considering I only ever planned to have this feature go for maybe a month or two, it’s surprising that we’ve now been running it – infrequently, I should point out – for over a year now. Hopefully there have been enough good songs in here to make it worth coming back to. And hopefully today’s two choices will work for you too. It’s a Sunday, so we all deserve to chill.

First up it’s a remix of Gang Colours’ ‘Fancy Restaurant’, taken from his forthcoming EP of the same name. Spacy and laid back, it’s bassy enough to warm your cockles without shaking the glass in the windows. Ifan Dafydd has done a sweet job on this. It’s video only sadly, but the EP will be out to buy on Monday, quickly followed by his first album on the Brownswood label, due out the week after. Check out links for both of them here.

Secondly we’ve got a track from Germany’s Apparat. It came out last summer and it’s been a song that has popped up repeatedly on my itunes since then. It builds all the way through, some really nice atmospheric pads adding depth and warmth to Sascha Ring’s vocals. It’s a class act.

Apparat – Black Water [Buy]

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