#166 – Toy Play For Noisey

It’s funny how things work out. I went and saw Big Deal play in London back in November and made some notes so that I could do a quick write-up. That never happened, but I’ve still got them tucked away somewhere. Anyway, when I got an email telling me Toy – who were the second support that night – had done a video on Noisey.com I figured they were worth looking at again. Especially now that I’ve heard they’re being tipped for big things this year.

My main memory is the song ‘Left Myself Behind’ and their image (read: hair). They’ve got a real 70’s, Krautrock sound, experimenting with trippy sounding guitars and cool synths in the background. They’ve also got a hint of UMO to them, not necessarily in the production but in the kind of feel and maybe influences. Anyway, the video’s pretty good (click on the photo to see it) and there are a couple of songs to check out below too. And in case just typing in ‘toy’ into your search engine gets you nowhere, here’s their website: http://toy-band.com/. And you can download the two songs below for free if you pop over there.

Toy – Left Myself Behind [Get It Free]

Toy – Clock Chime [Get It Free]


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3 responses to “#166 – Toy Play For Noisey

  1. I’m not sure what this has to do with Big Deal?

    • They were the second support that night Big Deal played at The Lexington. The first band on were called FAMY and they weren’t great (to put it nicely). These guys were pretty good!

    • I’ve realised that I did not make that at all clear originally! All changed now. Cheers mate

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