#168 – Anchorsong

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Jazz Café for HMV’s next big thing, whilst the show was undoubtedly stolen by Belleruche (hardly surprising what with them being and the headlining act), a special mention needs to be made to Anchorsong. Anchorsong (aka Masaaki Yoshida) is a Japanese artist and producer who uses a sampler, a keyboard and some sort of black magic to create incredible electronic music.  It’s rare enough to find this kind of music that I’ll listen to – let alone really like – but this really hits the spot. Ghost Town and Plum Rain were released as a double single before  his current album Chapters came out at the end of last year. The single was a cracker and the album is pretty damn good too. And if you like the album then you will love the live show. His next UK gigs are in March before he hits up Europe. Don’t miss it, I know we won’t.


Anchorsong – Plum Rain [buy]

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