#167 – Something Old, Somethings New

So basically I was on youtube earlier and “re-found” this video, it was posted about a year and a half ago and is pushing 18million views. Most of what makes this video is the seemingly impossible stunts being effortlessly performed by Danny Macaskill, but after I’d got past the awe and jealousy I realised that the music not only fits the video incredibly (a lot of that has to do with good editing I’m sure) but is also really good.

The first song Wax and Wire [buy] is by an american band called Loch Lomond. Started as a ‘one man band’ by the multi talented Ritchie Young in 2003, the recording project developed over the next few years and a massive band was formed around it. They describe their music as ‘raw symphonic chamber pop’ which it’s fair to say hits the nail on the head. The combination of some strings, some generally underused instruments and Ritchie’s incredible voice make listening to Loch Lomond like getting a massage inside your ears. Anyway they released their latest album nearly a year ago and followed it up with their first UK and European tour last autumn. Here is a little something from that album. We are really hoping for more of the same in 2012, so watch this space…

Loch Lomond – Elephants and Little Girls [buy]

The second song A Little Piece [buy] is by an australian quartet The Jezabels who over the last few years have been gathering a massive following down under. Their music is incredibly relaxing, easy to listen to and in fact difficult to stop listening to too. The last year The Jezabels have been incredibly busy recording their latest album Prisoner which will hit the shops at the beginning of March. I’ve just got a couple of little things to tie you over till then, firstly they are currently in the UK and their tour starts in london tomorrow! Sorry I didn’t say anything sooner but I have checked and there are still limited tickets left. The second is a little gem off their upcoming album.

The Jezabels – Endless Summer [buy]

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