#171 – Songs From Our Mailbag

We get loads of music to listen to every week (which we like) and a good chunk of it is really good (which we really like). Unfortunately it’s impossible to put everything we like up, but we’ll have a crack. Here are five songs from signed and unsigned acts that have ended up in the Safety, Fun & Learning inbox this week.

First up we’ve got a song from Kaylee Johnston. This song is a lovely slice of acoustic pop from a talented (and a not-too-bad-looking) singer from Vancouver. She’s currently producing her album which is going to be more produced than this (electro/pop). Until then, let’s listen to this. If you like it you can find out more over on her website.

Today’s second gem is from Coed Pageant, a bedroom-band duo from the States. They recorded the album this song is from over a couple of weeks in their living room, which gives it an accessible, lo-fi sound. The harmonies are close and work well, with the instrumentation minimal but very effective. I’m a particular fan of the trumpet that pops in to make a lovely melodic cameo. You can find out more about the guys on their Facebook page and their Bandcamp.

Our next song is pretty rough around the edges, but it has got a lot a promise. Pepper, the stage name of HGH is what I guess you’d call an ‘urban pop’ act. This could mean she ends up sounding like Jessie J (not cool), but let’s hope she goes for something a little less cynical than that. What I can definitely say is she’s got talent. She’s going to be supporting Rizzle Kicks on their UK tour from next month (yes, we’re allowed to like them. In fact, look at this) so if you’ve got your tickets already then you’re in luck. If you haven’t and you can still get some, they why not. It’ll be a poptastic night. Now I need to find a dark hole to go and hide in for having written that…

Pepper – Happy Girl (Acoustic)

Moving on, we’ve got the new video from Mmoths, who’s debut EP is out a week tomorrow. This song is a real experiment with ambiance, using a looped percussion and some crazy delays to create a piece of music that swirls around, chilling you out something great. He has – rightly – been making waves for quite some time recently and hopefully this new EP will increase his stock still further. It’s also worth mentioning the visuals, as they look superb.

To finish up we’ve got the new single from 2012 breakthrough band Django Django. Since their debut album came out at the end of January every man and his dog has been singing their praises. Which is the least they deserve, as these guys have been working hard for years to get the kind of praise that’s coming their way now. As well as announcing this single (which you’ll already be familiar with if you own the album), the band have released details about their new tour, which kicks off a little while after they finish their current tour in June. The list is below the song.

Django Django – Storm [Buy]

31/05 – The Cellar, Southampton
02/06 – Field Day, London
05/06 – Academy 2, Oxford
06/06 – Academy 2, Birmingham
08/06 – No Direction Home @ Welbeck Abbey nr Sheffield
09/06 – Parklife Festival, Manchester
10/06 – Rough Beats, Clapham (Yorkshire)
11/06 – Fibbers, York
13/06 – Doghouse, Dundee
14/06 – Cockpit, Leeds
15/06 – St Pauls Church, Cambridge

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