#174 – Secret Diaries Mix For Stock-71

The man who’s the brains behind Sheffield/London based Secret Diaries was recently asked to make a mix for Stock-71, the French music website. Unfortunately he’s not all that good at following instructions… Luckily this means he made two mixes, instead of the one they asked for. He’s split them into ‘Day’ and ‘Night’, with the songs he’s selected fitting the moods appropriately.

The first mix is a melange of experimental dubstep, two-step and upbeat melancholia. It never crosses the line into inaccessible, remaining engaging throughout the whole half hour. My highlights are the opener, ‘First’ by Hiatus & Shura and Stumbleine sesh in the middle. So basically the first half is sick. And so is the second. Listen to ‘Part 1 – Day’ below.

Secret Diaries for Stock-71 – Part 1 – Day

Part 2 – Night is an entirely different affair. The first half is beautiful, cinematic and classical. The change into ‘Saturn Strobe’ by Pantha du Prince is seamless and by now the atmosphere he has created is seriously close. The mix builds up to the final song (and one of my favourites of last year), Mr Little Jeans’ cover of Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’. Anyway, my words are probably making little sense now, and they definitely aren’t doing this justice. ‘Part 2 – Night’ is waiting…

Secret Diaries for Stock-71 – Part 2 – Night

If you want to find out more about the guys who allowed to shamelessly pinch the material for this post, then go to their website or their fairly cool Tumblr. And give them a follow. As for Secret Diaries, you can find out about him here, here and here.

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