#176 – Escort

This the band Escort, originally a production duo that has grown into a seventeen piece live band, who make some awesome ‘nu-disco’. Except it’s all done live, by such a large group that their tour bus is probably a double-decker bendy bus. And I can imagine that booking them isn’t all that easy, as it means finding a backstage area enough to hold them all as well as putting them all on stage at the same time.

However, if we stop concentrating on the minutiae, you’ll see/hear that they are really bloody good. I stumbled across them on my iTunes library, while listening to some Errors and spotting the song ‘Cocaine Blues’, which I got about two years ago from RCRD LBL. One listen and I was kicking myself for having missed it first time ’round. This song is a cover of Dillinger’s 1976 song ‘Cocaine In My Brain’, only instead of being a chilled reggae song it’s been turned into a funky slice of disco that sounds like it’s from the 70’s itself.

Escort – Cocaine Blues [Buy]

The band is fronted by singer Adeline Michele, while the brains behind it are Dan Balis and Eugene Cho. Below, you can listen to  Dillinger’s original version of the song. We’ve also got the 2007 song ‘All Through The Night’ with it’s awesome video and a song off their latest record, a self-titled EP that came out at the end of January (head to their website to grab a copy). If you’re interested in some of their older stuff, the song ‘Starlight‘ would be a great place to start. The vocals are minimal, but it’s got some great disco percussion and a bassline that’s too funky for words. So I’ll stop talking and let you start listening.

Dillinger – Cocaine In My Brain


Escort – Why Oh Why [Buy]

Grab a free remix of this song from their website.

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