#178 – Chromatics Album Maybe Coming Out Sometime Soon. Maybe

Okay, it’s a little more specific than the title suggests, but not by much. Producer/band member Johnny Jewel has done an interview with Self-Titled Magazine, which suggests that we can expect the long, long awaited album at the end of this month. As a teaser, they’ve released their fourth single from the upcoming LP, Kill For Love, called ‘Candy’. That’s the video you can see above.

While we’ve all been waiting for the album to meet Mr Jewel’s exacting standards, the band have been kind enough to leak/release videos, although waiting three years for a release is crazy. If you read the interview it’s pretty interesting seeing how he manages to convince the interviewer that the wait is worth it. I really hope it is though. Their cover of Neil Young’s ‘Hey Hey, My My’ is a superb effort, retaining the impact of the original riff and washing it out in the way we’ve come to expect from Chromatics.

Listen to it here to further whet your appetite for what will – hopefully – be one of the years musical highlights.

Chromatics – Into The Black

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