#179 – Anchorsong Told Me To

If you’ve visited the site recently you may have heard us – specifically our newest contributor Max – raving about Anchorsong. Max saw Anchorsong supporting Belleruche last month and was blow away. Some people apparently describe the show “like watching a painter drawing on a white canvas”; Max said he’s pretty sure the guy uses some kind of black magic to make his live show work. Whatever it is, you’ve got the chance to see him touring his awesome debut Chapters, starting in London’s Cargo on March 22nd.

In support of this Masaaki (that’s what his mum calls him. Well, she almost certainly doesn’t call him Anchorsong!) was good enough to contribute to this regular feature, picking a few of his favourite songs and explaining why. It’s enlightening and his choices are thoroughly enjoyable (I’m a particular fan of the Pumpkins song he’s chosen). If you want to hear a little more of his music, then read Max’s previous post. And if you want to buy tickets for the 22nd March, then you can get them here. I’ll be there at the front and hopefully some of you will join me. If you’re quick you can get your tickets for a fiver too…


Fiona Apple – The First Taste [Buy]

“Tidal” is one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s very difficult to pick one track among the others, but I chose this one after all. The rhythm section is very simple but strong, and the beautiful melody goes perfectly well with it. Every time I listen to this track, I remember what Lauryn Hill once said: “Bring the beat as powerful as it can, and sing as emotional as you can”.

Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm [Buy]

I was deeply into 90s American alternative rock bands in my teens, and The Smashing Pumpkins are one of my heroes. I hardly knew about them when I heard this track for the first time, and I didn’t even think they’re a rock band as it’s so gorgeously orchestrated. Billy Corgan’s voice on this track reminds me of a sharp knife glittering in a total darkness.

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World [Buy]

As well as many other producers of our age, my life would’ve been greatly different if I hadn’t discovered “Endtroducing”. I was listening to nothing but rock back then, but this track made me realized that there’s different types of music as exciting as Nirvana out there. I could hardly believe this track was made only from samples, as all the different pieces fit perfectly each other.

J Dilla – So Far To Go Feat. Common & D’Angelo [Buy]

I believe most of the greatest artists ever existed created both masterpieces & rather poor stuff during their career, but not so for J Dilla. All the tracks touched by him turn out to be undoubtedly original and evergreen. This track is just one the examples, and it’s like his tremendous love towards music lives in every single note. My dream is to work with him, and it’s so sad that it will never come true.

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  1. Emma

    I just heard Fiona Apple’s new song “Every Single Night” and now I definitely can’t wait for her album to come out on June 19th!! Check it out on her Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/fionaapple/every-single-night

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