#181 – Jesca Hoop’s Got A Free Song For You

Jesca Hoop, showing off a pretty sweet hat

It’s all in the title really… Jesca Hoop, the Northern Californian girl living in Manchester whose music Tom Waits described as “like going swimming in a lake at night”, is giving away a song over at her website for free. All you need to do is enter your email and then BAM!, you can be the proud new owner of her latest song ‘Born To’.

It’s from her upcoming album called The House That Jack Built, which is due out towards the end of June on the US label Bella Union. If this song is anything to go by, it’s going to be folk-influenced, dark and full of well written lyrics. And if that’s not enough for you, she’s got a cracking voice. It’s deeper than you might expect from a woman, and she’s got this hint of graveliness which makes it a pleasure to listen to. I’ll stop talking (well, writing, but you know) now and let you listen to it. If you like what you hear then head over to her site by clicking on the title and be sure to get the album when it hits a record store near you.

Jesca Hoop – Born To


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4 responses to “#181 – Jesca Hoop’s Got A Free Song For You

  1. Hey Sacha,
    I’m a big fan of Jesca Hoop, first heard her when she came to Australia and played a bunch of festivals earlier this year. Cheers for alerting me to the free download!

    My music is kinda sorta similar in that we both have a sound where folky melodies and forms are fleshed out with gutsy arrangements.
    If interested, there are some songs for streaming up at my website

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!



  2. gregbayney

    It’s a great song, but I really don’t get the metaphor by Waits..

    • Tom Waits is one of those who can say more-or-less anything about music and people will agree. I put it in as his endorsement of her, rather than because I agree with what he said. But I guess if we deconstruct it he means it’s serene, atmospheric and (maybe…) he hears bubbles in the background.

      • gregbayney

        I’ve begun listening to her earlier music and now I think I get it. This song must be an exception. And yes, bubbles everywhere. 🙂

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