#186 – Tiny Ruins

This evening I’d like to talk to you about Tiny Ruins, the performing name of Hollie Fullbrook. She’s originally from Bristol and emigrated when she was little to New Zealand. In a recent 6music interview she said how this probably influenced her songwriting, on account of the stark difference in surroundings and the isolation of Wellington, her new home.

In between the talking, she played one of the most impressive live sessions I’ve heard in a while. It had me down tools and just stare at the little radio I was listening to the whole thing on. Her voice was fragile, the guitar playing was delicate and utterly engaging… I was really, really impressed. Sadly that session seems to have all-but-disappeared, but here’s the original and a live version (good, but sadly not as good!) to listen to up above.

If you decide that this is right up your street then you can visit her Bandcamp page to get instructions on how to buy her debut album, Some Were Meant For Sea. It was recorded in Australia with J Walker, who also worked with CW Stoneking (another current favourite). She’s also playing in London on the 5th and 6th of June at The Slaughtered Lamb, as well as having a couple of other dates lined up. The details are also on the Bandcamp page. Now I’ll hand you over to Tiny Dancers…


I got an email from Tiny Ruins with the link to the live session and interview with Marc Riley. If you’re interested then this is place to hear it. You’ve not got all that long though, so get in quick… Hear the interview

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