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#119 – HepCat Matt Told Me To

HepCat Matt is an old friend of mine, from back when we were both at school playing our respective instruments together (his is guitar). Since the good old days we’ve both been at uni discovering all sorts of music and he’s become quite the connoisseur of Rock & Roll. So much so that he runs two nights down in Brighton playing said style of music. By all accounts there’s hair gel, tweed and crazy dance crazes wherever you look. Anyway, he’s been kind enough to tell us about a few of the songs he most enjoys playing and listening to, so here they are…

Screamin’ Joe Neal – Rock & Roll Deacon (Shippings, 1959)

OOOOOWWWW! This guy makes Little Richard sound like Cliff Richard… According to St. Louis guitarist Billy Peak, “He got his name from crawlin’ around the audience on his knees – he would creep up on women and scream at ’em! Scare the shit outta them!” Play very loud. There’s four more songs this way…

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