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#190 – Covers, Covers, Covers

Three covers, none of the duvet variety

First is a cover of a Bob Dylan song which is, oddly, more famous that the original. Especially when you consider that the person singing on the new version of the song isn’t exactly talented. But what do I know? Listen to Rebecca Black’s version and then the original by the one and only Bob Dylan (or God, as he’s also known).

Bob Dylan – Friday [More Info]

Rebecca Black – Friday [Buy]

Next is a pair of covers by two people I’ve been told I resemble. The original is by teenie-bopper and Mumsnet favourite 50 Cent* (the similarity is uncanny) Continue reading


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#185 – The Bravest Man In The Universe

Bobby Womack is back! And his new song, ‘The Bravest Man In The Universe’, is a class bit of work. His voice sounds as rich and as emotive as ever, while the production (from Damon Albarn and XL head-honcho Richard Russell) adds a depth and groove that gives a great modern spin on the Bobby Womack of old. It’s funky, edgy and, above all, really, really good. Continue reading

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