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#189 – Urban Cone

Stockholm’s Urban Cone make some really, really delightful music! It’s the kind of thing that goes down a treat when laying in the sun in Greenwich park, with a frisbee and some once-cold bottles of cider. Which, incidentally, is exactly what I intend on doing this weekend, weather permitting.

But back to the music. The song I’ve been listening to on repeat (a mere year late…) is the infectious ‘Urban Photograph’. It’s got a beat that skips along with a synth part that’s more than a little reminiscent of a certain song by fellow Swedes The Caesars, while the vocals have got a really endearing quality to them. You can stream it here, and download it (for free!) over at the Universal Music Sweden Soundcloud page. To find out more about the band pop over to their Facebook page.

Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

The next song brings us up to date with their newest release, which is called Our Youth Pt. 2 and came out at the start of May this year. The song I’ve chosen from it is called ‘We Should Go To France’, and while it’s a bit of an evolution from ‘Urban Photograph’, the main ingredients are still there. It feels a little “blissed out”, to use an expression I don’t fully understand but seems to apply. You’ll get what I mean when you hear it.

Urban Cone – We Should Go To France [Buy]

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