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#5 – F**k You

Alrighty there, sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been having god knows how many problems with my internet for the last month or two.

Just a super quick one to let y’all know about two songs that will have you smiling. The first is by Indie-favourite Darwin Deez. The man of the moment (a moment that has been going on since January) recently released his album and this song just stands out for me. As well as the rest of it. Anywhoo, enough jibber jabber. Get your lugholes around this.

Darwin Deez – Bad Day

This second one is off Cee-Lo’s forthcoming album ‘The Lady Killer’ and is bringing back that old Motown sound big time. The video is going viral and the song cannot help but make you smile so much you think your face is about to spasm. Seriously. And take a minute to check out the video. I can’t quite figure out why it’s good, but it just is.

Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You

There’s a rather good link between the two songs too; guy’s who be hatin’ on the ex (or the ex’s new bit). I reckon every couple who break up over the next few months will be playing these songs way too loud in their bedroom while singing into a hairbrush. Or whatever the guy equivalent of this is. Anyway, enjoy.

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