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#75 – Friendly Fires

They’ve got a new album due out in just over a week and, judging by these two songs, it’s going to be every bit as dancy and high tempo as their first eponymous release was. The first of these two songs is ‘Live Those Days Tonight’, an ambitious, wild-sounding song that makes great use of the urgent percussion that I enjoyed so much on Friendly Fires. Sadly it’s only a radio rip, but it does give you a good idea of what to expect.

The second song is called ‘Hawaiian Air’ Keep reading…


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Music For Horses no. 12

Mr. Little Jeans / Friendly Fires

Oops, I’m a couple of days late. Well, I’ll blame it on being at home and having all the standard christmas household chores distracting me. Anyway, a couple of absolutely great ones for you this week. First up is a delightful remix by RAC. The original is by Mr. Little Jeans, a Norwegian singer/songwriter based in London. The song has got a throbbing, melodic bassline that carries on through almost the entire song and a really good vocal. It’s difficult to find out much about her other than the fact that she’s Scandinavian, writes great pop songs and is being tipped to get some serious exposure over the next 12 months. So sit back and enjoy this one.

Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix)
Get the song here. Buy her songs here or here.

Your second treat this week is another remix, this time by Air France. Funnily enough they are also from the very northern bit of Europe, hailing from Sweden. They’ve been described as ‘post-rave bliss’ by FACT Magazine (who put out some amazing mixtapes) and this couldn’t be more accurate. Imagine listening to this song quietly after a long night out and you’ll get exactly what they mean. It’s a little up-tempo but it is most definitely chilled out enough to make it on to this playlist. I’ve got to credit Sheffield’s own Lionel Vinyl for telling me about this one… It’s one of his favourites, and that makes it worth a ride!

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)
Get the song here. Buy Friendly Fires here.

Sorry that they’re both remixes this week… I’ll have a little think and try to put up a couple of originals for my next post. Have a great Christmas and see you in the new year.

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Music For Horses no. 8

The Whitest Boy Alive / Phoenix / Friendly Fires : Remixes so relaxing that you might just release a yuletide log unto your stockings.

First up is ‘Golden Cage’ by The Whitest Boy Alive, a tasty little number remixed by musician and producer Fred Falke. Starting his career as a bass player in 1995, Falke moved into production work in the late 90’s, and since his first release on Vulture ‘INTRO’, he dedicated himself to production work and remixes for the likes of Goldfrapp, Kelis, and Jamiroquai.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
Get the song here. Buy their music here.

Next we have a remix so chilled that I almost Read more…

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