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#102 – Something About The Radio

I’ve got to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the radio. Well, commercial, “mainstream” (my girlfriend will kill me for using that word!) radio, at any rate. Unfortunately in my current job we have got the radio on all the time. While it largely serves to prove me right (that it’s kinda crappy), there are occasionally good songs. Here is a little selection of songs that I’m not yet incredibly tired of. I may well be in a week, but right now I’m enjoying them when the DJ’s play them. Which leads me to my big question to radio DJ’s: do you like most of the songs you play? And if not, do you have a particular nice adjective you use to describer a song that you don’t like? Answers on a postcard please. Or in the comments below. Anyway, enjoy these songs.

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain

A powerful ballad and an awesome song off her second album that was released earlier this year. I thought her first album was pretty dull, if I’m being honest. I definitely was not a fan of ‘Chasing Pavements’, but on this new release she’s stepped up her game some. This is the current single getting all the airplay and, quite frankly, she deserves it.

The next song is a little old but I heard a new song by Jason Derulo and was a little disappointed. So I put up my favourite one. A good rule of thumb is if a song starts with a sung “Jaayssson Deruuulo” I will like. This song is why I think that.

Jason Derulo – In My Head

I heard this on Choice FM the other day and throughly enjoyed it. I am quite unashamedly a fan of Rihanna. Not only does she sound amazing, she’s not too shabby looking and she makes jolly good songs. I think she needs to be a little careful not to end up sounding like all of the other female pop or do that thing that Pink does and just write crappy songs with the occasional swear word in it. With songs like this though I don’t think she’s really got much to worry about.

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#93 – Rolling In The Remixes

Umm. Yes, we do have (another) Adele remix. And it’s a pretty good one, to be honest! Hourglass Sea is possibly the best thing to have come out of Bradford. I know that expression is usually followed by a since… but I didn’t really think there was a since. He has remixed/remade the superb pop song into something that you can imagine being played by a synthy, rocky band with a drummer on angry drugs in the background. You should really turn this one up very loud. And if you like it then you can see him playing at Bungalows and Bears at the end of the month for Tramlines.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Hourglass Sea Remix)

How better to follow a remix like Hourglass Sea’s than by some pretty synth from RAC. He’s taken a shot at remixing some rap, namely a song by Theophilus London (who remixed the Jamie xx’s version of Florence + The Machine’s ‘You’ve Got The Love’ a while back). When he put it up on his Tumblr he said he was way out of his comfort zone working on a rap song, as “you can pretty much do anything”. Well, he’s done a cracking job, Continue reading

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#80 – Weekly Roundup

Another week’s gone. Sadly, so has another weekend. So let’s bury our heads in the sand at the prospect of another week of work and listen to some music. Here’s what I’ve been listening to over the last seven days…

To start things off, here’s a new song from Animal Farm. It’s got a great chilled, old school jazzy vibe and a cool bassline. It’s pretty conscientious lyrically (well, it’s not rapping about guns and dolla) and the chorus is fly. Oh, it also features Talib Kweli.

Animal Farm – Test Of Time Feat. Talib Kweli [Myspace]

From some old-sounding hip-hop to some very contemporary stuff, here’s the lead single off Theophilus London’s debut album Timez Are Weird These Days that’s due to drop on July 19th. It’s a great blend of electronic, indie/rock and rap that’s probably got a legacy in the original mash-up album from Linkin Park and Jay Z. Which, for the record, I liked when it came out. I was about 12/13 though, so I make no apologies for that. Mr London is the master of networking and talking himself up and in that respect this is the perfect single to take us to his album; he introduces himself (once or twice) and isn’t afraid to blow his own trumpet. With any luck the LP will live up to his hype. In the mean time, listen to this and let us know what you think of it. If you like it you can retweet it here and get it for nothing.

Theophilus London – Last Name London

Now to move a long way away from rap. The below track is by The Coppertone, which is the name under which Amanda Zelina records. Keep on reading…

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Music For Horses no. 1

Adele / Sebastian Tellier

Alrighty then all, here we go. Every Tuesday I’ll stick up a song or two for your aural delectation. First up a nice chilled disco remix of Adele’s Hometown Glory. A couple of years ago it was impossible to ignore the original, much as I tried to. But this remix is rather excellent. It’s a little bit ‘come-down’ and it’ll make your feet tap, but it is also super chilled.

Adele – Hometown Glory (Night Facilities Remix)

More music below…

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