Music For Horses no. 27

Once again I find myself writing a post for this Music for Horses playlist, which, considering it was an in-joke that I expected to last all of about three weeks, I find a little surprising. It’s now been running almost as long as this blog, but I still find songs that I want to include.

Moving on to the good stuff though. The first song is a beautifully engineered piece of electronic music; dark, moving and sophisticated, it’s got all the ingredients for a good song. The song begins as a quiet drone and quickly builds as the different layers come in to play. The main melody flicks between guitar and piano and could be a case study in simple perfection. It comes from his 2006 album The Humbucking Coil, and the song is called ‘Phones And Machines’.

B. Fleischmann – Phones And Machines [Buy]

Today’s second song is a cover of a classic Lloyd Robinson song. It’s got some dubby bass that will shake your bones if your speakers are turned up loud enough and one of the classic “riddim’s”, which has been sampled time and time again. The original is rootsier, this has a slightly more polished feel to it. If you want to hear Robinson’s version, then click here. To listen to Horace Andy’s version, just click below.

Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss [Buy on iTunes]

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