#195 – Just A Few Songs

There’s nothing groundbreaking here today, just a few songs I’ve been enjoying this week that you really ought to listen to. The first is from R Stevie Moore, the madly prolific Lo Fi artist. This is the first song on his latest album, called Lo Fi Hi Fives. ‘Pop Music’ isn’t all that Lo Fi to be honest with you: it’s got a classic vintage pop sound, albeit with some Nashville influences (listen out for the slide guitar and honky-tonk piano). It’s a feel-good number for a Friday evening. You may know him for this cover of The Vaccines’ ‘Post Break Up Sex’, or their cover of his song ‘Why Should I Love You?’. If you like what you hear you can get his new album now.

Today’s next song is an oldie from VHS Or Beta. It’s a song off their 2007 release Bring On The Comets and it’s a great listen. Strong guitars, great lyrics and a catchy singalong melody. They’re a band who haven’t really had enough exposure for my liking. They’re so much better than most of the ‘guitar bands’ that make it into the charts here that it’s a wonder they haven’t. If I’m going to put a positive spin on this, it means they’re not ruined by idiots singing their songs on the tube though, so I guess it’s swing and roundabouts. Anyway, here’s their song ‘Can’t Believe A Single Word’.

VHS Or Beta – Can’t Believe A Single Word [Buy]

The last song for the day is from Way Yes, a four piece out of Columbus, Ohio. It’s a fantastic throw-back to the mid-80’s white afrobeat sound, a la Paul Simon & co. For a more contemporary comparison look no further than Vampire Weekend, who make the slightly poppier, ‘higher value’ version of this music. By upping the production value of their music, Vampire Weekend lose some of the rawness and the energy though. This is something that ‘Tia’ does not lack, with its pulsating rhythm, afrobeat backing vocals and intricate guitar. Here’s a song that desperately wants playing when you’re in the garden enjoying the sun and you’ve got the grill all fired up.

Way Yes – Tia [Buy]

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