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#193 – Folk You

What a pun. That’s my day job actually, writing them.

Moving swiftly on, here are two acts who have dropped song in the inbox over the past few days and they’ll work rather nicely back-to-back. Firstly we’ve got a Welsh artist called Osian Rhys, who’s releasing his debut single ‘Long Time Gone’ on Backwater Records at the end of this month. It’s a simply orchestrated ‘proper’ folk song (no Mumford and Sons here, thanks), which relies on his voice and the really close melodies to keep the listener engaged. The B side is a song called ‘A oes ‘na le (i oeri gwres fy nghalon)’, which is another simply orchestrated and beautifully sung record. You can listen to ‘Long Time Gone’ below. Head over to his Soundcloud for the B side.

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#118 – Boom Bip

With a name this awesome it is only right that Boom Bip (real name Bryan Hollon… Not as cool sadly) makes great music. It’s epic electronic stuff with a healthy amount of genre crossover. This comes thanks to his ability to get cracking collaborators on his songs, all of whom add their own take to the music. He has got a new album coming out at the end of the month, which is his first since last years Stainless Style with Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys (which is very good. But you probably already know that). Click for more stuff you probably already know…


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#69 – Remix Roundup

Here are a few of my favourite remixes that have been sent my way / I’ve hunted down over the past couple of weeks.

First up is a sick mix of Toddla T’s recent single ‘Take It Back’. It takes a sample of the vocal (provided by Shola Ama) that’s got a great 90’s groove to it and adds it to a great new backing track. The song veers from the uncharacteristically poppy (but very likeable) original when it drops into a proper bassy, dancehall mix around 1:40. I would be very surprised if this didn’t get some massive rotation at all kinds of underground parties, especially up in Sheffield where it seems Toddla can do no wrong.

Toddla T – Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) [Buy]

Next is a straight-up dancehall mix of TV On The Radio’s ‘Will Do’. We stuck up a song off their new album last week Keep on reading…

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#63 – Some New Stuff

Here’s a little collection of songs that are doing the rounds at the moments and that I like. First up we’ve got some Holy Ghost!, signed to one of the most consistently excellent labels, DFA. This is a new song from the band that’s floating about for free off the label’s Soundcloud as a bit of promo for their eponymous debut album which is due out on 25th April. For now, content yourselves with this…

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See [Buy]

Now we’ve got a song by emerging ‘Night Pop’ duo Alpines. I’m not so sure about the name of the genre they’re giving themselves (how many different ‘… Pop’ categories do we really need?!) but it’s a fairly big, bold song that’s well written and generally pretty enjoyable. In a dark way. So I guess ‘Night Pop’ probably isn’t too far off the mark. Anyway, I was sent it by the lovely people over at Track In The Box who send a track a day for free. All they want is your email address. Here’s the video for Alpine’s song ‘Ice & Arrows’.

There’s more…

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