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#164 – Spara-Drap

Photo by James Buckle // @BuckleTweets

Today I’ve got something from a guy you almost certainly haven’t heard of. He’s a 17/18 year old guy from South London and he goes by the name of Spara-Drap. I remember him as this little kid who used to get the same train as me and we’d rip on but since then he’s clearly become pretty cool. It’s laid back, glitchy electronic music with garage influences and he uses some pretty cool vocal samples that pop their heads over the ramparts every now and then. Continue reading

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#92 – Low Duo

We like Sheffield here at SF&L. That’s where we started and Wilbur Ward is still slogging it away up there. (Putting on all manner of shows, for that matter. He also has a Tumblr.)

Anyway, in light of this it is probably way overdue that we give the Steel City some more props, and what better way than by showcasing another of the fine bands coming from up north?

Let me introduce you to Low Duo Continue reading

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#87 – Sorry It Was So Quiet

Hello all. Sorry about the hiatus but I’ve been up to all sorts, don’t you know. Here are 3 songs I’ve been listening to on my travels and three songs from my (rather backed up) inbox.

This old Bedouin Soundclash song is a classic in my book. Dancy yet rootsy, it is immensely listenable. And I listened to it a lot.

Bedouin Soundclash – Natural Right (Rude Bwoy)

Next is a disco classic. Which isn’t necessarily a great thing… That said, this song is (or should be) on everyone’s guilty pleasure list. If I ever hear this on a night out I think I will try and kiss the DJ, irrespective of gender and the subsequent fallout with my girlfriend. We also imaginatively changed the lyric “Baby give it up / Give it up, baby give it up” to “Ollie Ollie Hope / Ollie Hope… etc”. Sung in a Mancunian accent, there really is no better way to let a good friend know we’re thinking about him. Although I’m not sure he appreciates it as much as we all do.

KC & The Sunshine Band – Give It Up [Buy]

My final choice from the songs I’ve had on rotation the past six weeks is from German minimal duo Booka Shade. See the rest…

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#32 – Pieter Stoaling

Here’s a quick one for you. Was bouncing around on Twitter and came across this song by a guy called Piet (or Pieter) Stoaling. From the little I’ve been able to find out he’s a German tech producer who’s been at it for quite some time. According to Facebook and a couple of other blogs he also runs a night in Berlin called Soup Du Jour (check it out here.)

Anyway, here’s the song I’m on about…

It’s really good. A long, slow burning song that’s got a great driving bass that drops in around 1.30. File this guy next to Booka Shade and Gui Borrato, because off the back of this song, he’s that good. It actually sounds like something off the DFA roster. So much so that I’ve put up an LCD Soundsystem song that it reminds me of. And here that is.

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
Buy it here.

Remember to let us know what you think of the songs.

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