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#160 – Ben Browning – ‘I Can’t Stay’

Not an awful lot to say here. I will content myself with wiggling my hips vigourously.

Ben Browning – I Can’t Stay [Buy]
There are actually a few words…

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Podcast IV

Listen to it!!!!

Yup it’s that time again. After a pretty long hiatus (sorry, these things are a bit of a pain to make!) the Safety, Fun & Learning podcast is back. And you’ve got Braveheart telling you listen to it, so if you don’t you’ll get an angry Scot/raging anti-Semite chasing you down. I’d do what he says…

Safety, Fun & Learning Podcast #4 [Download]
Get the tracklist…

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#81 – Clock Opera

Clock Opera are from London. They make what can only really be described as pop music. It is not the kind of pop you’re likely to hear on Capital FM, Radio 1 and the legions of other popular stations. This is a band who are making music that deserves to be listened to by people who are into house-y stuff, ballads, electro, indie… The list goes on. Having recently signed to Moshi Moshi they’ve released the song ‘Belongings’, which is a slow build to an ending that, frankly, you wished didn’t end.

Clock Opera – Belongings [Buy]

In contrast to this we’ve got the Clock Opera remix of one of my favourite songs of the year, Architecture In Helsinki’s ‘Contact High’. It starts off all Four Tet and then drops in to something delightfully techy. The chorus, so strong on the original, is wonderfully reconstructed here and it turns a song that is quite staccato and jerky into a smooth dancing jam.

Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High (Clock Opera Remix) [Buy]

Now on to another remix by Clock Opera, this time of Au Revoir Simone. Keep on going…


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#48 – Architecture In Helsinki

This is another short one about a song I stumbled across and I’ve been listening to far too much! It’s a new Architecture In Helsinki song and it’s sooooo good. Yup, good enough to warrant me writing like a bloody emo. It’s got elements of the bits I love about AIH and a nice camp, dancy bit that’s a little reminiscent of Cut Copy. Who, incidentally, are compatriots of the band that this post is about. Anyway, I found this song and some other good ones here.

Now listen to it
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