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#190 – Covers, Covers, Covers

Three covers, none of the duvet variety

First is a cover of a Bob Dylan song which is, oddly, more famous that the original. Especially when you consider that the person singing on the new version of the song isn’t exactly talented. But what do I know? Listen to Rebecca Black’s version and then the original by the one and only Bob Dylan (or God, as he’s also known).

Bob Dylan – Friday [More Info]

Rebecca Black – Friday [Buy]

Next is a pair of covers by two people I’ve been told I resemble. The original is by teenie-bopper and Mumsnet favourite 50 Cent* (the similarity is uncanny) Continue reading


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#155 – Turn The Lights Down Low

This song oozes funk from its every pore. It’s American in its nature, with some extra African flavouring added thanks to the band living in an area of Paris that was largely an African immigrant one. Continue reading

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#151 – Some Songs By Destroyer

I like Destroyer. The Canadian producer/band (I’m not sure even he knows quite what the make-up of the project is as it changes members so much) makes slightly spacy, intelligent and really good music. Last year he released Kaputt, which was great. As I liked it so much I’m going to share a couple of my favourite tracks from it in the hope that you’ll like them enough to go out and buy it and listen to it lots. He’s also a key member of The New Pornographers, so if you like this you’ll like them, and vice versa. Continue reading

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#86 – Music Your Parents Listen To

The Band are probably best known for their work with Bob Dylan  but this is a shame as they produced some stellar material independently and were influential in their own right. I have always enjoyed their lyrics about rural America; King Harvest and The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down particularly. A quick glance on Wikipedia this morning told me that Clapton credited Music from Big Pink with changing his life…strong praise indeed. Keep reading…

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Music For Horses no. 16

Darondo // Kenny Rogers

A couple of songs for you. I’ve chosen Darondo’s Didn’t I because it fits the bill with its relaxed guitar strumming and soulful vocals. Darondo is an interesting if mysterious chap and is well worth a fuller listen. My second choice was (largely) an excuse to put in a Gif file of a dancing Jeff Bridges but it’s a great song and works perfectly within the film (something the Coen brothers are brilliant at;  O Brother, Where Art Thou? being a perfect example).

Darondo – Didn’t I [Buy (iTunes)]
Dancing Jeff Bridges this way…

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#35 – Alex Told Me To

Here’s a little something by a friend of ours, Alex Martin. He’s quite the fan of old blues and while on the phone yesterday we were discussing Bo Diddley. Anyway, he sent me a little selection of some of his favourites, so here they are.

I’ve always liked listening to original versions of songs made more famous by covers. All these songs have been made more famous by the likes of Rolling Stones, Hendrix and, err, Canned Heat.

Oh and then there’s a gem from Ray Charles (a cover no less) which I’ve put on here because it’s what I like to think the 60’s sounded like and can inexplicably imagine it being blared out of the Tannoy over Tracy Island.

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
Click here for the rest of the songs…

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