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#190 – Covers, Covers, Covers

Three covers, none of the duvet variety

First is a cover of a Bob Dylan song which is, oddly, more famous that the original. Especially when you consider that the person singing on the new version of the song isn’t exactly talented. But what do I know? Listen to Rebecca Black’s version and then the original by the one and only Bob Dylan (or God, as he’s also known).

Bob Dylan – Friday [More Info]

Rebecca Black – Friday [Buy]

Next is a pair of covers by two people I’ve been told I resemble. The original is by teenie-bopper and Mumsnet favourite 50 Cent* (the similarity is uncanny) Continue reading


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#50 – John Told Me To

Another person has decided to tell me something about music. John McKenzie is one of the most accomplished session bass players around. His CV reads like a who’s who of popular music over the last three decades; from Bob Dylan to David Bowie, The Eurythmics to Shakira and some Lionel Richie on the side, you start to realise just how good this guy must be. Here are a few of his favourite songs…

Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe [Buy]

My sister bought the single in 1966 and I just remember being dumbstruck by it! Everything… The vocal, the story ( “Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand…” quite in your face in the 1960’s) the guitar playing… To die for! I had just started getting into guitar, and this record left me dizzy with excitement; it opened my ears to rock music…… I became instantly addicted. My sister went crazy as I kept pinching it, and would play it over and over again……… The guitar solo when it comes, is almost orgasmic! Wonderful music. Keep reading here…

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12 Days Of Christmas – 26th December

Optimash Prime sporting the Winter Collection

Next up is a classic from Jimi. Amazing guitar, amazing lyrics and a vocal that is typically Hendrix – half sung and half spoken.

I hope the turkey isn’t too dry and that the presents are still fun. The song is this way…

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