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#61 – Submarine

Hello folks. First off, sorry about the sporadic posting of late. I have to leave the house at 6am for work at the moment… Anyway, enough about that. I’m sure lots of you will have heard about Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut Submarine. The reason it’s taken me a little while to get around to posting about it (let’s face it, I was always going to!) was because I wanted to give Alex Turner’s soundtrack / EP for the album a good listen. And now I have. So have a look at the trailer for the film and listen to what I think is my favourite song off the the little 6-track release.

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#18 – Monty Python

I was hovering about the interweb this afternoon and I stumbled across this. Monty Python’s Holy Grail is probably my favourite of the films, largely because it was the first one I ever saw. (By the same logic, my favourite Bond film is probably From Russia With Love.) Anyway, listening to this clip brought the film right back to me and creased me right up. A massive thumbs up to the guys who put it up in the first place here.

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Music For Horses no. 6

Born Ruffians / DeVotchka

Howdy all, sorry it’s been a little quiet this week. I’ve been rather busy visiting Bordeaux again… No riots this time though! Back to business though, as I’ve got another two songs for you. I know they’re a day or two late, but they are worth it. First up is a song that’s about two years old but I heard it the other day for the first time in ages and thought it would fit in just right. It’s a Four Tet remix, which makes it long and full of space. It’s good.

Born Ruffians – I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix)
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