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#62 – What’s That You Say… Summer?

It seems like we can rightly go and start talking about how amazing the summer is going to be about now. After all, where I am we’ve had three days in a row of glorious(ish) sun and in my book that’s good enough. Before you point it out, yes, I am very aware that by saying this I am probably destined for a summer of shitty weather, a shitty job and nothing fun to look forward to. But I will have this little mixtape to listen to. And that will go some way to brightening up the grey days. It’s down here…

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#22 – Guess The Song

Here’s a first for Safety, Fun, & Learning: I am going to post a version of a song and let you figure out the original. I found this song in my music collection, and know not from whence it came, or who is responsible, but it is gold.

_ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the song here.

Let us know how many seconds it takes for the penny to drop.

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Music For Horses no. 8

The Whitest Boy Alive / Phoenix / Friendly Fires : Remixes so relaxing that you might just release a yuletide log unto your stockings.

First up is ‘Golden Cage’ by The Whitest Boy Alive, a tasty little number remixed by musician and producer Fred Falke. Starting his career as a bass player in 1995, Falke moved into production work in the late 90’s, and since his first release on Vulture ‘INTRO’, he dedicated himself to production work and remixes for the likes of Goldfrapp, Kelis, and Jamiroquai.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
Get the song here. Buy their music here.

Next we have a remix so chilled that I almost Read more…

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