#190 – Covers, Covers, Covers

Three covers, none of the duvet variety

First is a cover of a Bob Dylan song which is, oddly, more famous that the original. Especially when you consider that the person singing on the new version of the song isn’t exactly talented. But what do I know? Listen to Rebecca Black’s version and then the original by the one and only Bob Dylan (or God, as he’s also known).

Bob Dylan – Friday [More Info]

Rebecca Black – Friday [Buy]

Next is a pair of covers by two people I’ve been told I resemble. The original is by teenie-bopper and Mumsnet favourite 50 Cent* (the similarity is uncanny) and the cover is by a Belgian metal artist called Milow** (who I look less like, for obvious reasons).

50 Cent – Ayo Technology [Buy]

Milow – Ayo Technology [Buy]

Finally, here’s a song by one of the coolest and most talented men to have graced this little planet of ours, that has been covered by one of the few men who could give him a run for his money in a “cool-off”. I’m not sure what would happen if they actually got together and performed this as a duet, but I’m pretty sure the performance would end with a wave of mass suicides as people quickly began to realise that they would never see anything as cool again and so their sad, uncool little lives would no longer be worth living. Or something like that, I honestly haven’t given it much thought. Here’s some Jimi Hendrix, and a cover by Bobby Womack. And speaking of Bobby Womack, he’s just released a superb album on XL Recordings, which you can purchase here.

Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower [Buy]

Bobby Womack – All Along The Watchtower [Buy]

*This is probably untrue. He likes to sings about bitches, hoes, niggers and guns. In fact, the only thing they probably agree on is ‘The Gays’ (although that could also be untrue, as he just said he was fine with Frank Ocean. So I guess we’re just hating on Mumsnet now. I’m sure they’ll get over it, as they’re definitely not they type to hold a grudge…)

**Milow has asked us to clarify that he is not, in fact, Belgian a metal artist, but a ‘one-man-and-his-guitar’ kind of guy.


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2 responses to “#190 – Covers, Covers, Covers

  1. Hey, great blog, by the way! Only thing is: it’s some kind of weird urban myth/joke that Dylan wrote Friday. It’s an impersonator. Also, he DID write “All Along The Watchtower”, and Jimi just covered it 6 months later. Si technically, both Jimi AND Bobby W. are doing covers!

    • Stig Baasvik

      You found us out. We know it’s not Dylan but we wanted to see how convincing that cover is so we are keeping quiet. Also we put all along the watchtower down as Hendrix because didn’t want to give too much credit to lord bob in one post (that will come later). I personally prefer the Dylan original of all along the watchtower – shock horror. What did you think of womacks cover? Glad you like the blog!

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