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#147 – What’s Up With Hot Chip?

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them, largely because I don’t think there’s been much new stuff of theirs floating about. They are due a new album though, which is going to be released at some point this year. For now we’ve got a new song to listen to called ‘No Fit State’. It’s classic Hot Chip, with a four-on-the-floor beat, Alexis and Joe Goddard trading vocals and the synths sitting very nicely in the track thankyouplease.

Hot Chip – No Fit State
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#113 – Joe Goddard – Gabriel

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Podcast IV

Listen to it!!!!

Yup it’s that time again. After a pretty long hiatus (sorry, these things are a bit of a pain to make!) the Safety, Fun & Learning podcast is back. And you’ve got Braveheart telling you listen to it, so if you don’t you’ll get an angry Scot/raging anti-Semite chasing you down. I’d do what he says…

Safety, Fun & Learning Podcast #4 [Download]
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#78 – Remix Roundup

I did one of these a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to go down fairly well. So here are another four remixes that have been getting some plays this week. Some of them are spanking new, others aren’t so new. Either way, they’re worth listening to.

This first one is a bit of Nicki Minaj. She is great, no two ways about it. Her flow is awesome and her lyrics leave little to the imagination. Her delivery reminds me of old school Lil’ Kim. At times innocent and at time dripping with innuendo. Back to what I said earlier… She’s great. This song is a remix of her sample/cover of The Big Pink’s Dominoes. The original is a poppy electronic/rap song which is better than your average stuff in the charts and this remix turns it into some really heavy electro. It’s been slowed down to a dub tempo and the bass on it is huge. If I was out I would enjoy hearing this!

Nicki Minaj – Dominoes (Distance Remix) [Buy]

The next song has gone all Balearic on us. That’s a fun word. Balearic. Anyway, the original features on Holy Ghost!’s spanking new album that garnered some pretty awesome reviews. The original is DFA through and through, with a little bit of Cut Copy’s brand of gaylectro thrown in there. The remix is lounged out and extended. It makes you want to be on a beach in Croatia or something, chilling out and watching the bikini-clad girls wander by. Or if you are a bikini-clad girl, then watch whatever it is that you watch. Either way, this is an enjoyable 5:23 of music.

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (CFCF Remix) [Buy]

New Zealand’s The Naked And Famous are a band Keep reading…

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#66 – WIN WIN // Thunder Power

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A little while ago I wrote something on songs that have been made ‘soul’, so I thought I’d go for an opposite thing. Here are a couple of songs that I’ve found recently that have been made rather dancey, but not just by putting that crappy four on the floor beat and a wooshing sound every now and then.

James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Feist Cover)

Discovery – I Want You Back (Jackon 5 Cover)

Hot Chip/Peter Gabriel – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend Cover)

Get the three songs here.

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