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#89 – Lovebox Weekender

Well look at what I just found out about… Lovebox – Groove Armada’s yearly party in Victoria Park – has got a full on, stellar lineup! Among others SF&L favourites you can find Architecture In Helsinki, Metronomy, Aeroplane and Uffie. A treat? I think so. And that’s all on the Friday. Tickets are a snip at under 30 quid, so why on earth haven’t you got some? In order to rectify this situation you can click here.

I would also like to draw your attention to the lines about halfway down the page at the Vice Arena: Flying Lotus, Spank Rock, Hervé and Hudson Mowhawk are playing. Yet more for you to salivate over. Anyway, there are some tasty songs after the dop to get you in the mood. Take me to them…

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#71 – Black Lips ‘Go Out And Get It’ Video

Well these guys are obviously having a shit time. Oh no, wait. What I meant to say is “how much do you want to be on that goddamn boat”. In the Bahamas, with the booze, the bikinis, the people (read: laydeez) and the music. Because, in spite of all the fun in video, it’s a really good song.

As a way of celebrating all things that are awesome about Black Lips, here are a couple of remixes. One’s a golden oldie from Diplo back in 2009 and another is a spanking new(ish) song by WIN WIN that Black Lips have had a rather successful crack at remixing.

Their new album Arabia Mountain is out next month on Vice Records.

Black Lips – Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix) [Buy]

WIN WIN – Victime Feat. Blaqstarr (Black Lips Remix) [Buy]

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#27 – What’s That Song?

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. I’m a fan of samples, remixes and all other sorts of ways of chopping up other people’s songs to create something new. Hell, the latest Girl Talk offering was awesome! But it’s also nice to know what the original song sounds like. So here are a couple of songs and their originals.

Kanye West – Touch The Sky Feat. Lupe Fiasco Buy it here.

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up Buy it here.

This song has been covered and used so many times I’d be amazed if you haven’t heard some version of it. This is from his solo Continue reading

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Music For Horses no. 3

Deerhunter / Phoenix

This week I’ve got another two songs for you. Once again they’re pretty electronic and super chilled. The first is a Diplo remix. He is one of my favourite DJ’s/producers of the past 4 years but up until now I’ve always though of him as someone I’d listen to when I’m out. But he’s gone and remixed Deerhunter and made it into something I’d listen to when I got in at the end of a long one.

Deerhunter – Helicopter (Diplo & Lunic Remix) [Buy]
More music after the jump…


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#3 – Ska

Blogs all over the web were lighting up over the latest Diplo creation that came out at the beginning of the month. The Major Lazer/La Roux mixtape was, I think we can conclude, a bit of a limp fish. Only really two or three songs on it were worth the hype, although that may still be a bit generous… I think the idea is good though. As a bit of a fan of Island music, anything that makes a song a little more summery is generally going to get at least a listen from me. So let’s consider Reggae’s big brother. Ska music is something that most people would often consider the territory of 14 year old kids with long hair who like running into each other at gigs, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s been around longer than Reggae and has played a part in both the Island and British music scenes since the early ’60’s. The constant upbeat, trumpets, organs, and generally dancey feel make it one of the most expressive and fun genres to listen to. It is impossible to keep your feet still when it’s on.

Here are a few examples of how Ska has developed, from the first wave of Jazz and Blues influenced songs, through to the second wave that took the British Mod culture by storm, better known as 2 Tone. This progressed to the punk tinged third wave that was popular in the ’90’s in the States and that a lot of people would probably associate with Ska these days. Finally I’m throwing in a gem that I can’t stop listening to. For me summer started when I found this tune in February!

Lord Tanamo – I’m In The Mood For Ska

The Coventry Automatic – Little Bitch

Goldfinger – Walking In The Dark

Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder (Ska Mix)

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