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#44 – What’s That Song?

Fatboy Slim. When people hear his name there are a few songs that pop into mind, but with it’s great video five and half minutes of quality this song is one of the first to be mentioned. And the vocal that goes on through the entire song comes courtesy of Camille Yarbrough. I found out about her version of the song thanks to another blog actually and if you’re prepared to part with your email address they’ll send you a free song a day too. Have a look over at Track In The Box. Anyway, she released the original back in 1975 and it couldn’t contrast Norman Cook’s version much more. When I hear it I can see myself in the late seventies kicking back in a cool New York bar with a liquor in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It’s smooth, jazzy and it’s oozes soul. Twenty-three years separate these songs and the ‘newer’ version is in it’s thirteenth year now, but they still sounds as awesome now as they did when they came out.

Fatboy Slim – Praise You [Buy]

Camille Yarbrough – Take Yo’ Praise [Buy]

For my next pair I was rather torn. I have been listening to Lil’ Wayne Eh? Yup, Lil’ Wayne’s this way…

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#39 – What’s That Song?

Here are two very different songs for you. The first is a pretty recent rap song that got some heavy rotation over the summer. When I read that NaS and Damien Marley had put together an album I was tripping. NaS is one of the best East Coast rappers out there, and the fact that he was married to Kelis for two years (one of my favourite R&B/pop singers) only makes him that much cooler. The fact that the guy who wrote Illmatic and the most talented son of Bob Marley were releasing a record together was (literally) music to my ears. This is the lead single off that album, As We Enter.

NaS & Damien Marley – As We Enter [Buy]

And this is the original sample. It’s by a not-very-well known Ethiopian artist called Mulatu Astatke. While he’s been very influential in his native country, cross-over appeal has been late in coming. It was only really after the film Broken Flowers that he became better known. Anyway, this is a great song and a fantastic example of a good ‘world music’ song that’s been able to infiltrate modern pop music.

Mulatu Astatke – Yegelle Tezeta [Buy]
This way for another set of songs…

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#30 – What’s That Song?

Time for another one of these, methinks. First up is a song that was sampled by Daft Punk,then sampled by Kanye West. And Diplo’s got a version on his Decent Work For Decent Pay. And there’s almost certainly a ‘four on the floor’ crappy house remix too. Now I’m not averse to the odd remix (although my sister does accuse me of hating on originals all the time), it just has to make the song into something new. Here’s the Daft Punk version, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Buy the Alive 2007 version here.

And here’s Edwin Birdsong’s funk classic Cola Bottle Baby

Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby

And now to go in a slightly different musical direction. Continue reading

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#27 – What’s That Song?

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. I’m a fan of samples, remixes and all other sorts of ways of chopping up other people’s songs to create something new. Hell, the latest Girl Talk offering was awesome! But it’s also nice to know what the original song sounds like. So here are a couple of songs and their originals.

Kanye West – Touch The Sky Feat. Lupe Fiasco Buy it here.

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up Buy it here.

This song has been covered and used so many times I’d be amazed if you haven’t heard some version of it. This is from his solo Continue reading

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