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12 Days Of Christmas – 25th December

Hello again. First things first, Merry Christmas. This time of year is traditionally when everyone gets together, eats too much, drinks too much and ends up arguing over who does the washing up (among other things) and I thought it might be a good distraction for me and maybe for you to have something else to do.

As it was last year, the songs over the next twelve days will not be particularly festive. This is mostly because I’m a grumpy git, but also because I have yet to hear any christmas songs that I have genuinely enjoyed. (If you know of any good ones please do let me know) Continue reading

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#44 – What’s That Song?

Fatboy Slim. When people hear his name there are a few songs that pop into mind, but with it’s great video five and half minutes of quality this song is one of the first to be mentioned. And the vocal that goes on through the entire song comes courtesy of Camille Yarbrough. I found out about her version of the song thanks to another blog actually and if you’re prepared to part with your email address they’ll send you a free song a day too. Have a look over at Track In The Box. Anyway, she released the original back in 1975 and it couldn’t contrast Norman Cook’s version much more. When I hear it I can see myself in the late seventies kicking back in a cool New York bar with a liquor in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It’s smooth, jazzy and it’s oozes soul. Twenty-three years separate these songs and the ‘newer’ version is in it’s thirteenth year now, but they still sounds as awesome now as they did when they came out.

Fatboy Slim – Praise You [Buy]

Camille Yarbrough – Take Yo’ Praise [Buy]

For my next pair I was rather torn. I have been listening to Lil’ Wayne Eh? Yup, Lil’ Wayne’s this way…

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#6 – Nina Simone

She’s one of the most important musicians of the twentieth century and her songs have been used in everything from rap samples, house classics and the Müller adverts. She was born in 1933 in North Carolina to a Methodist minister and a handy-man. Whilst she was an immensely talented youngster, her family did not have much money to pay for her lessons so a fund was set up by local people to pay for her tuition. She was a talented singer, pianist and songwriter, as well as a prolific Civil Rights activist. She died in 2003 in France after a battle with breast cancer. Basically I’m a big fan and I think you should be too. So consider this my blaggers guide to Nina Simone’s career.


She signed to a small jazz record label called Bethlehem and in 1957 released her debut album, ‘Little Girl Blue’. This was the first of some 40 albums that she went on to release and is incredibly jazzy. Her influences during this time include Billy Holiday and Duke Ellington, who’s ‘Mood Indigo’ features on the album alongside ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’, ‘African Mailman’ and one of her most famous songs, ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’. She was only with the label for this one release before her popularity meant she was signed by a bigger label.

Mood Indigo
More music and stuff after the jump…

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