#127 – Scattered Trees

Today is all about Chicago’s Scattered Trees. They’re a five piece who have been making music together for about six years, in one guise or another. I first appreciated them on account of the superb video for their song ‘Love And Leave‘. It is the kind of video that looks like it was amazing fun to make. I then got an email telling me that they’d just recorded a session for Daytrotter. I wasn’t aware of this pretty awesome website until about three days ago, but since then it’s been getting an enormous amount of attention from me. They catch bands that are touring the States and have them record four songs on a basic system, in one take. The idea is to capture a moment in time and leave it unaltered. If it sounds a little pretentious, it’s because it probably is. But don’t let that put you off it. Scattered Trees’ songs are outstanding, and you can download them here for free (if you sign up).

Anyway, here are a couple of songs that are worth checking out off their latest release, which came out in April on Roll Call Records. It’s an unassuming record, quality without thrusting any single aspect in your face. They use male/female vocals well and, although the album was written after the death of frontman Nate Eisland’s father, it never sinks into depression.

Listen to the two tracks below and if it’s your bag go and get it from Amazon.

Scattered Trees – Four Days Straight (Daytrotter Session Version)

Scattered Trees – A Conversation

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  1. Love this song:) Have you checked out Walk The Moon’s new video? It’s just as great!

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